Trailers, trailers, everywhere

At this point, it feels like we’re really on to something. Around each corner and down each aisle at the grocery store is another reason to love our trailer and another reason to celebrate it by drinking. The universe is telling us something: live it up and crack one open! … More Trailers, trailers, everywhere


Turkey Time

You may have heard about the turkeys ’round these parts. They’re numerous, they’re a nuisance, and they roam around in herds looking for cars to attack and pedestrians to intimidate. It’s one of the many hilarious and absurd aspects of living in the area, and makes the fact that you can legally kill them and eat them that much more satisfying. … More Turkey Time

A day in the life: gleaning and planting at Kingfisher Farm

Parker just finished up his second week of work at Preserve Market; the new arm of downtown Winters bar/restaurant Preserve. Along with their house-made charcuterie, local cheeses, wines, and produce, they make delicious sandwiches and salads from everything they source. Coming from Portland, where ‘farm to table’ and fresh/local foods are simultaneously an honest pursuit and … More A day in the life: gleaning and planting at Kingfisher Farm

Squi Confit

Bethany gets the credit for coining the name of our new dish. I’ll take the credit, or the responsibility I guess, if either of us comes down with a weird parasite or tapeworm. BUT, I saw it in a book! … More Squi Confit