Trailers, trailers, everywhere

At this point, it feels like we’re really on to something. Around each corner and down each aisle at the grocery store is another reason to love our trailer and another reason to celebrate it by drinking. The universe is telling us something: live it up and crack one open! Everywhere we look we’re finding alcohol with adorable, trailer-clad labels. We’re taking it as a sign from Dionysus that we should get real cozy in the Tiny Shiny and knock a few back.
The first Airstream beer we saw was this snowy ‘scape from New Belgium, so we grabbed a six pack of the Accumulation White IPA to bring to a holiday party. It was a big hit! Not only did we make fast friends by bringing beer to share, but we also had an easy conversation starter: how would the Tiny Shiny would hold up under all that snow? Spoiler: our trailer is from the 70’s and with work to be done sealing up windows and doors, it would likely be far less cozy than it looks in the picture! We’re glad to be splitting time between California and the PNW since we won’t have to put these assumptions to the test anytime soon.Image result for happy camper wine

Parker’s sister Lisa is also currently living the trailer life with her mobile production company Elixir Motion Picture. And what do you know, she was gifted a bottle of Happy Camper wine this Christmas. They have gorgeous labels with Airstreams in different settings and their slogan is “getting to where life is good.” We can get behind that! Apparently it runs in the Bolden family.


While we haven’t yet tried Uinta Brewing’s Detour Double IPA, we’ve admired it through the glass at one of our local markets and it’s next on our list. I’m afraid it’ll be a bit bitter for my taste, but as they say, I shouldn’t knock it before I try. At 9.5% alcohol, we’ll have to take it for a spin when the Tiny Shiny is safely secured and we don’t need to be driving anywhere. Detour, indeed!

Parker and I don’t require much of an excuse to have ourselves a drink, but this is beginning to morph into something altogether different. Who are we to say no to beverages made explicitly in honor of our lifestyle? It would be downright rude to say no! Do you know of other beverages that celebrate trailer living (Airstreams in particular)? It seems it’s become our tiny-shiny-bound duty to give it a whirl, and y’all know that we take the responsibility of living in a micro-metal-mobile home extremely seriously.




2 thoughts on “Trailers, trailers, everywhere

  1. Cute piece! Can’t say as that I’ve noticed any Airstream beers lately, since I find beer just about disgusting overall. But I do suggest a grammatical correction…(Is that grammitically correct??)…Our recent stay in Alabama seemd to teach us that “y’all” is singular and “all y’all” would be the plural. Perhaps an Alabamian can corroborate.

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