Storm: 1, Tiny Shiny: 0

I’m starting to feel pretty confident about taking on any number of things gone awry. Shit happens, things break, and sometimes you take cold showers for weeks on end. The last week has given us the wonderful opportunity to see how we fare against the wet season and some seriously harsh winds. The consensus: C-.

On Thursday the sky started to change. I tuned into the local radio stations for reports and warnings, not sure what to expect from this new landscape. It was reassuring to me and my longing for the fall season in Portland, as well as many Californians I’m sure, that we were in for “some” rain and “gentle” winds. The weather reports here are truly humorous in their brevity. “Looks good out there today, warm and nice. And in other news…” That, with very little variation, is the daily weather report. This time it did seem necessary however to warn that it was going to rain, 100%, guaranteed. I could get used to this type of weather reporting. In fact, if you only said the latter everyday where I’m from, you’d be right just under 50% of the time. Anyways, I set out to prep for guaranteed rain.

I used some very generous Lowe’s birthday gift cards from the fam (thanks Mom, Dad, and Lisa) to get a large, waterproof, outdoor tool box (50 Gallon Kobalt) to store the expensive power tools and miscellaneous finishing items like sandpaper, rags, etc… Unfortunately, the miter saw and the compressor were slightly too large, under the trailer they go. I also moved the woodpile under the trailer hoping to miss the bulk of the rains and keep it in useable condition. I racked my brain momentarily for a way to test for leaks and/or holes in the airstream but I settled on crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. And surely, you leave the awning up for wind and rainstorms, right? So we hunkered down, Hamlet, Bethany, and myself with a six pack of 21st Amendment Fireside Chat, and we waited.

Throughout the night winds whistled and howled through the foothills and rocked the trailer, clapping the visor and rattling the windows causing Hamlet to stir and bark, in search of the culprit. I tried to explain wind to her but her comprehension is lacking to say the least. The rain pelted the aluminum as we nestled in for bed.


We awoke in the morning to find things scattered about the premises. Mainly debris from trees and tumbleweeds,  but also our heavy outdoor potted plants and trees! The awning I left up to protect our outdoor area had crumpled under the pressure of gathered rain (lesson learned). Hoping to ride out the storm and stay dry, we also gained a new Tiny Shiny resident: a mouse with a taste for past-due, discount, peanut butter cheerios. Finally, a distressing find, the weather had pretty much done-in the new wifi satellite and accoutrement.

After drying things off and clearing the debris I sat down on the bed and patted the wall of the Airstream and proclaimed, “Not bad for your first storm, Tiny Shiny!” Then, I looked out the window in admiration, assessing our new setting. It was then I noticed that I was looking through an aquarium of sorts. I’ll need to pick up goldfish and some pirate figurines to complete the look.





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