With And Without The Finer Things

It’s been two weeks and one day since we arrived at the new home. Since then we’ve accomplished a lot in the way of gearing up for this new life setting. We’ve built tables and dog runs and lounges, diagnosed and fixed truck ailments, shook the trailer at 11pm, lantern in hand,  on a random Tuesday to dislodge a septic backup, and shivered in solar showers since the back half of the trailer (water heater included) stopped working. We’ve spent days at the trailer without cell reception reading books long since shrugged from our reading lists (because, well, the internet). We’ve packed up the essentials every other day, computer for me, thick theory books, laptop and syllabi for Bethany, and headed out to enjoy the thrill of wifi and cell service.

Together we’ve found this to be somewhat of a headache, and simultaneously, a blessing in disguise. For Bethany it is difficult because she needs the internet and email (and showers) to accomplish each milestone for her new venture, grad school. For me it is tough because most of the things I’ve come in contact with have been either inanimate or animal. I enjoy the inanimate, it works for me in ways that it might not for others. I see possibility, an excuse to shape something to better suit my (our) needs, or a reason to make art, an expression of myself. But damn, I miss my people. I miss the music of people around me. I miss someone knowing me and knowing what’s wrong, what I need or what I want.

As far as the blessings go: We’ve located parts of ourselves long dismissed to browsing and Netflix and Instagram. Though that will not be long-lived (wifi coming Wednesday) it’s been formative in this new phase of our life. Bethany read the new Harry Potter book that her dad set aside for her before we left. She feels energized by 10 hours of sleep every night, refreshed for the long days of school ahead.  I’ve been creating things with my hands 8 hours a day, playing instruments and writing music, and reading novels over whiskey as she sleeps.

So, as boring as it may be (how out of touch we are!), we’re finding a way to enjoy the finer things, without some of the other finer things. #wiwofithi.

Put on your boob shirt and go forth my friends, it’s not as scary as it seems.



2 thoughts on “With And Without The Finer Things

  1. Well said Parker. It certainly has been an experience with many challenges. You two are adventurers! We that love you are grateful that you share some pieces of this new, confounding, confusing, contemplative, congratulation-worthy adventure.


    1. It certainly is a big adventure, Lori. And you’re right, it has its ups and downs. We are happy to say that all things considered though, we are settling in pretty nicely. Thanks for your comments 🙂


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