Tiny Shiny: Home Sweet Home[sick]

We’ve safely landed in Winters, California! Bethany is busy with orientation this week as well as learning to drive the new truck (it’s a manual transmission with an industrial clutch – not the easiest vehicle to learn on). This, along with working to set up wifi at the new location, resolve some minor electrical issues in the Airstream-unfortunately including the hot water heater-and trying to locate some reclaimed lumber for outdoor table and indoor lounge area, things are…somewhat stressed at the moment.

We’ve found ourselves at times missing the spoils of our former home in Portland, Ore. Granted, we’ve only been in our new setting for four days. We’ll have to wait and see. Coming from Portland however, I will say that I’m beginning to find the following things remarkable here: knowing the names of shopkeepers and employees around town, the real inexplicable gems of conversations I’ve had with strangers, farmers & landowners proficiency with the land, old school tips and tricks from Winters Tow man, Francis, when the battery died in the truck, and a what seems to be a different relationship between time and people that I can’t quite define yet.

As is often the case when things get shaky for me- time to stop thinking and start making.







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